The COINAtlantic Advantage:

  • Are you challenged managing your organization’s data and information?

  • Does your organization find it difficult to access the data and information you need from other sources?


                                                                      Bringing Data Together with the COINAtlantic Advantage                                                                                     

Working with a world expert in open source geospatial tools, COINAtlantic builds on an Atlantic Canadian partnership to improve access to coastal and oceans information for use in management and planning. COINAtlantic tools take advantage of established standards and share your location-based data and information in an internet searchable form. 


  • Has been developed tools over the past 15 years to take advantage of established standards.

  • Can help you share your location-based data and information in a Google searchable form.

  • Can help you search for information on the internet across organizations.

  • Can help you bring together the information you need onto your screen with minimal training and specialization.

COINAtlantic Geospatial Tools

The CSU is a free online utility that allows users to access geospatial information that meets user’s search criteria, lists the results in the form of data layers, and displays chosen layers on an interactive map. Layers can be organized and added by the user to create informative maps quickly and easily.

The CGG is a free online utility that allows users to generate and publish geospatial polygons that describe a publication or data etc. online that will be found by the Google search engine. It is intended to be a simple-to-use tool that will allow non-specialists to allow others to find and view ‘GeoContent’ - metadata about projects/data etc. that is tied to a geographic area.

Data Accessibility

The COINAtlantic Data Accessibility Tool is for use in organizations to develop a benchmark to monitor progress in improving an organization’s policies and procedures for providing effective and easy access to the data and information held by them.

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